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A comprehensive resource guide for any dentist or dental manager looking to grow their organization.

Book Reviews

“As the worldwide leader in dental implant innovation and manufacturing, Nobel Biocare has always sought to align ourselves with industry leaders who can add value to our customers. I’ve known Ian personally for many years and have been very impressed with his knowledge and ability to help our doctors develop and implement marketing strategies that work. I’m excited he’s putting some of his knowledge into print so we’ll certainly be recommending this book to our valued doctor customers.”
- Tom Olsen
President and General Manager, Nobel Biocare North America

“At Fortune Management, we are known as the industry leader in practice coaching and for delivering transformative results to our clients. One area many practices tend to struggle with is new patient generation, and growth in general. Ian has a tremendous amount of experience in this area. This book is a must-read for every practice looking for growth and competitive advantages!”
- Bernie Stoltz
CEO of Fortune Management

“During my career I’ve held various clinical and management positions with several DSO’s, and there has always been a focus on generating new patients, and overall growth. I’ve been extremely impressed with Ian’s dental marketing knowledge, analysis, and strategic advice. I highly recommend this book to any dentist or DSO looking to grow their business!”
- Michael Bundy, DMD
CEO of Smile Exchange

“One of the insights our software provides is the ability to identify both poor and excellent marketing. As I researched and asked industry leaders about the best marketers, people kept pointing me to Ian McNickle as the person I needed to meet. That was a while ago, and I’m so glad we met. Ian really knows his stuff! His industry knowledge and deep understanding of how to grow a dental practice has been well documented in this book. It should be required reading for all dentists.”
- Amol Nirgudkar
CEO of Patient Prism

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